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Closeout Snake Guards and Snake Chaps

Closeout and Clearance Snake Guards and Snake Chaps

DEEP DISCOUNTS on Turtleskin Snake Armor, Rattlers Brand Snake Bite Protection, Scentblocker Snake Chaps and Snake Gaiters and more!

In 2020, we will be discontinuing all brands of Snake Bite Protection clothing with the exception of Crackshot Corporation Snake Guardz and Snake Chapz FP as they are fully guaranteed against snake bite protection and are backed by a $1 million dollar liability policy. The Snake Chaps and Snake Guards/Gaiters in this closeout category do offer snake bite protection, but none are guaranteed at the level of Crackshot Corporation's Snake Chapz and Snake Guardz, making it a brand of snake bite protection we can really get behind. If you have any questions or concerns about any of these products, please email us or call us at 318-655-2393.